Monday, 17 June 2013

Shop Profile: (A cozy little) Nest

Over the next couple of weeks we'll be profiling each of the shops that are participating in the Great London Yarn Crawl. First up - Nest. A charming little shop tucked away in North London's Crouch End.

How would you describe your shop's atmosphere in three words?
Friendly, inspiring, cozy.

What makes you different from other yarn stores?
We aim to welcome people with open arms, whether they be newbie knitters or super experienced. We love yarns and are passionate about natural fibres, however we do not aim to be exclusive and stock a range of products to suit all budgets.

What is the most popular type of yarn or product that you carry?
Recently our BC Garn raw silk yarns have been really popular - they are a great alternative to wool or cotton and great value. Malabrigo is always popular for it's fantastic colour combinations and our Rico lines fill the need for good quality basics.

What expertise or classes do you offer to your customers?
We offer a range of workshops through the year - most in demand is our Learn to Love Sewing Up course - so many knitters loathe sewing up but with some time and practise it can be very satisfying.

What is notable about your part of town/your location?
Crouch End is a lovely leafy part of north London. It is well known for is wealth of independant shops and cafes. You can easily spend an afternoon browsing the shops before taking in some tea and homemade cake - our favourite cafe is The Haberdashery.

Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about yourselves, your shop or your yarn?
Don't forget that we also have a weekly knitting group on Mondays 2-5pm, it's a great way to meet other knitters and share ideas. We have a super cosy 'snug' area and we also serve our own homemade cakes!

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  1. Nest also has a fabulous line of their own yarns, in a variety of weights and different fiber types, so there's really something for everyone! Not to mention buttons and ribbons and notions and fab little gifty things...