Thursday, 20 June 2013

Shop profile: The Handweavers Studio & Gallery

At Great London Yarn Crawl HQ we're also spinners and weavers in addition to being knitters and crocheters - and we recognise that many of you are too! So we're thrilled to have The Handweavers Studio be part of our first year. They have a terrific space filled with colour to inspire anyone who enjoys working with fluff and string!
How would you describe your shop's atmosphere in three words?
Inspiring, inviting, colourful.

What makes you different from other yarn stores?
A huge range of yarns and fibres available in quantities from small to large, including lots on cones ideal for machine knitters and lots of fine yarns for lace and crochet as well as weaving and machine knitting.
What is the most popular type of yarn or product that you carry?
Apart from merino tops in 100 colours used by felters, our mercerised cotton is extremely popular because of it's lustre and huge range of colours.

What expertise or classes do you offer to your customers?
We offer learn-to-weave and learn-to-spin workshops, also weekly weaving classes and workshops on different weaving techniques including tapestry weaving.

What is notable about your part of town/your location?
We're only five to ten minutes' walk from Finsbury Park station (zone 2) , and are also on lots of bus routes.

Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about yourselves, your shop or your yarn?
Almost everyone who comes for the first describes it as Aladdin's cave!

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