Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Shop Profile: Knit With Attitude

There sure seem to be a lot of great yarn and haberdasheries in North London! Our next shop profile is of Knit With Attitude - a fun shop located on Stoke Newington's high street that takes great pride in their eco-conscious wool offerings.
How would you describe your shop's atmosphere in three words?
Welcoming, bright and colourful.
What makes you different from other yarn stores?
Knit With Attitude specialise in yarns and accessories that are ethical and eco-friendly. Many of our brands are specifically linked to projects that are empowering poor communities helping them gain financial independency. Also we support sustainable production locally and carry a large selection of 'Made in England' yarns.

What is the most popular type of yarn or product that you carry?
The organic yarns like Eco-Alpaca, Eco-Wool and Pure Milk Fiber are my all time best sellers. 
What expertise or classes do you offer to your customers?
We take a lot of pride into our expertise and abilities to guide our customers. All questions are welcome, and none are regarded as 'stupid'. There is a lot of joy in knitting and we try to make sure that everyone visiting us discover that.

We offer a wide range of crafty classes suited for all levels. We have of course knitting and crochet workshops, but also Lino Printing, screen printing, book binding and doll making to mention a few.

We also have a wine and knit evening, the second Thursday of every month.
What is notable about your part of town/your location?
Stoke Newington is known for being a village within London and has its very own sense of community. If you're looking for the usual high street shops and major chains you won't find them here. The area is filled with small independent shops, cafes and restaurants. Those living in Stokey are very proud of the area and put a lot of effort into maintaining it's uniqueness.

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