Tuesday, 13 August 2013

I'm a better knitter because of Kate Atherley


It's Allison here writing today's post about our next prize, and I'm really excited about this prize because (gush alert!) the title of this blog post says it all really: I'm a better knitter because of Kate Atherley.

Some of you may recognize Kate's name as she's the Senior Technical Editor for Knitty.com. But in addition to her duties for Knitty, she's also an amazing knitting instructor, teaching at many of the yarn shops in the knitting-mecca that is Toronto, Canada. 

Kate is also a prolific sock knitter and shares many teaching tips on her blog Wise Hilda Knits. It made sense that Kate would naturally progress to sharing her experience with a wider audience so came about her first book Beyond Knit and Purl.

Kate's first book - and not just for new knitters!

From the Cooperative Press website:

"Beyond Knit and Purl is the knitting book you always wished you'd had when you started but didn't.
This book is not just for beginning knitters. Even those who've been knitting for years will have an astonishing number of "ah-ha!" moments inside its pages. As a technical editor -- and more importantly -- as a teacher, Kate knows where knitters hit roadblocks and how to overcome them, and she shares her many years of experience in Beyond Knit and Purl."
Of course, taking so many courses with Kate over my years in Toronto, I feel very lucky that we became friends along the way too! I'm thrilled that she's agreed to share her book with a lucky winner at our Yarn Crawl after-party.

Oh, and did I mention she's also British? I think we should start lobbying her to make a comeback tour to the UK!

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