Thursday, 22 August 2013

Knitty project bag tags to the rescue!

Knitty project bag tags: what every project bag needs
Rachel and I are both long-time fans of They've been a meaningful presence in the knitting interwebs for 10 years now and helped to launch tons of designers - gaining them a wider audience of followers and the appreciation of knitters everywhere.

They're also fab supporters of the knitting community offline. When we decided to move forward with Yarn in the City: The Great London Yarn Crawl, Knitty was the first publication we sent our press release too. Perhaps you saw them help us promote the launch of ticket sales for this year's event?

A while back, Knitty editor Amy Singer had her knitting bag stolen out of her car - with her WIP! Horrors! When the thieves realised their mistake, they ditched the bag project along with the project inside - ack!

Luckily for Amy, some nice person found the bag and saw the yarn. Bringing it home to a family member who was a knitter, that nice knitter thought, "Someone must be missing this project," but there was nothing to identify who the bag belonged to! Amy's luck was definitely turning around because the nice knitter found a business card in the bag from an appointment that Amy had been at, they called the number on the card to ask if anyone had lost a knitting bag and lo, Amy was tracked down and reunited with her project!

But since Amy always has good ideas, she thought that this was an excellent opportunity to remind people that sometimes we get separated, however unintentionally from our projects and that just because our project bags might be in another bag, we should still have them labeled so that they can find their way back to us. And so Knitty project bag tags were born.

Luckily for all participants in the GLYC, Amy is a very generous person and sent us some so that we can share them with all of you! Everyone will be getting one of these awesome babies in their goody bags:

The front and back of the Knitty project bag tags
A big thanks to Amy and the whole Knitty team!

Have you got your tickets yet? Don't forget if you get yours before 11:59pm on August 26th you'll be entered to win an original Soakbox!

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