Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Another GLYC Update!!

Is everyone getting ready to pet some yummy yarn? We know we sure are...

Quick reminder that this is the final week to get your tickets to the inaugural Great London Yarn Crawl! Registration closes on Saturday, 7 September at midnight!

Two-thirds of the event's tickets are already gone - with half of our routes pretty much sold out. Each of the Green, Orange, and Purple routes only have one ticket left on each!

Luckily, the Blue and Red routes are still only half full and there's lots of room on the Yellow route.

Next week we'll be posting info here on the blog (as well as on our Ravelry group and Facebook page) your meeting point info and times! For right now (and your planning purposes) you should give yourself enough time to get to the vicinity of first shop on your route about 20 minutes before the official start time for your route:

Red and Blue routes: Meeting time 10:00am (start time at 10:15am)
Green and Orange routes: Meeting time 10:15am (start time at 10:30am)
Purple and Yellow routes: Meeting time at 10:45am (start time at 11:00am)

If you're thinking about joining us "at the last minute", you'll miss out! We've got a lot to organise once ticket sales are done (hello, goody bags!), so once registration closes, that's it!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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