Tuesday, 10 September 2013

GLYC Update

Well, it was a whirlwind weekend at GLYC headquarters here in SW London. After much discussion and debate, we decided to cancel the Yellow Route, as it was severely undersubscribed. Those Yarn Crawlers very graciously agreed to switch to other routes, so we ended up with four routes more-or-less sold out, and one route two thirds filled. We are thrilled that there's been such a great response, and we are really looking forward to a fabulous day out!

Upcoming this week and next: more details will be posted here about the rest of our fantastic sponsors. We will also be posting the details of the timings of the routes and start-up meeting places next week,so stay tuned. Finally, this weekend we will be meeting up with all the volunteers to go over how things will run on the day, and get everyone psyched up for some fabulous enabling!

There's lots of chatter going on the Ravelry boards for each team, so go over and join in the conversation. There's some serious stash enhancement in store for some of our crawlers - they have grand plans!

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