Friday, 25 July 2014

Ticket Update

Hello! Hello!

Apologies for the silence on the blog these past few weeks. It's been a little nutty over at GLYC HQ but we're still working hard behind the scenes to bring you a fantastic event this year!

Quick update on ticket sales for this year's GLYC: we are WELL OVER 50% SOLD OUT! Great job everyone! We are beyond thrilled that everyone is so excited to come out for this year's event and to celebrate our vibrant knitting community in London - all while doing good and raising funds for Refuge at the same time.

If you haven't got your tickets yet, don't dilly dally! Only one-third of tickets remain available and when they're gone, that's it! Routes Bluefaced Leicester, Cheviot, and Jacob are already sold out and the Shetland and Teeswater routes are over 50% sold. There is still good availability on the Romney, Swaledale, Suffolk, and Wensleydale routes. Click here for a recap of all of the routes, and click here to buy your tickets online.

And once you've got your ticket, pop on over and join the chat happening in our GLYC Ravelry group. We've started a thread for each route where you can get to know your fellow yarn crawlers and start plotting your stash acquisitions for the day...

More to come soon!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

GLYC Sponsor: Lioness Arts

As you may be aware, there's a big knitting event underway this weekend, a bit south of London. What you may not know, however, is that Dani, the force behind Unwind Brighton, is also the dyer behind Lioness Arts, and she has a spectacular eye for colour that is tough to beat (yarn photos shamelessly swiped from Dani's Etsy shop)

In addition to being a fantastic dyer and yarn-festival-organiser extraordinaire, Dani is also a designer - you can see the wide range of her gorgeous designs on Ravelry.

Last year, Dani very generously provided mini-skeins of her yarns for every goody bag! We are super thrilled to announce that she's on board again this year to do the same, and we are so grateful.

This one is my all-time favourite...

If you are lucky enough to be going to Unwind Brighton this weekend, we hope you have a fabulous time! Allison will be manning the sweetgeorgia booth, if you want to touch base and say hello. Rachel is very sad she's not going to be there, but a pre-planned family holiday is putting a cramp in her yarn-festival-going plans. 

And be sure to thank Dani for her continued support of the GLYC - she's one of the reasons the event was so wonderful last year!

Monday, 7 July 2014

Ready, steady...

Just a quick post to remind everyone that tickets for the 2014 Great London Yarn Crawl will go on sale tomorrow, 8th July, at 10:00 am BST. You can click on the photo on the right sidebar or go here:

We can't wait to see you all in the autumn!

Friday, 4 July 2014

Plan to party after the GLYC

We've already spilled the beans on Ravelry about the fab location our party sponsors Pom Pom Quarterly have found for this year's after-party but we wanted to make sure that everyone had the details for getting their plans "just so" before ticket sales open on Tuesday.

You're going to need to quench your thirst after all that yarn shopping...
After much hard work scouting out various pubs and venues, the gals at PPQ came back with this amazing location that ticks all the boxes on our wish list: lovely space with room for everyone, good food and drink, and best of all - proximity to a major train station and tube so that it's easy for people to make their way home afterwards.

The Parcel Yard is located just next to Platform 9 3/4 in King's Cross Station.
So how about a pub that's IN a train station? This year's after-party will be held in The Parcel Yard pub, located in iconic King's Cross Station. The pub has allocated the charming Waiting Room space to us and there will plenty of room for all of you! And did we mention that the food is amazing? We've been back twice already - for research purposes, of course. We hope you'll make plans to have a bite after a long day of yarn shopping.

The lovely Waiting Room - don't worry, more than half of this room isn't visible in the photo, there's plenty of space for all of our Yarn Crawlers!
Other details to know for the after-party: we're hoping to start it a little bit earlier this year so that it's easier for folks that need to plan trains. Groups will be aiming to arrive at the pub between 5 and 5:30pm, when we'll get started with announcements and the door prizes, and giveaways. You'll also have a chance to purchase raffle tickets for a very special gift basket filled with goodies from our sponsors.

Our goal is to have all of the "official business" finished by 7pm and of course you're welcome to settle in for dinner and a knit and natter over the course of the evening.

A reminder that tickets will go on sale on Tuesday, 8 July. We'll aim to get the ticketing going as close to 10am British Summer Time that we can. Looking forward to seeing you all!

Many thanks to our after-party sponsor Pom Pom Quarterly for finding such an amazing space, and to The Parcel Yard for being so good-natured about an invasion of knitters! Not long to go now...

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

GLYC 2014 Routes: Get ready to plan your journey!

It's that moment we've all been waiting for - the 2014 GLYC Routes are now available for your perusal! Before we get to the details there are a few things we want to address up front:

1) These routes do not yet have the final timings - those will be determined over the summer. However, for those of you coming in from out of town, the earliest shop visits will start at 10:00 am, and you will be meeting up with your group approximately 15 min before the start. If there is any doubt, aim to be early! There are plenty of coffee/tea options available, and we'd hate to miss you if you're running late.

2) Three of the routes have some extended transfer times. Romney and Bluefaced Leicester each have one transfer that is about an hour, and Shetland has two approximately hour long transfers between shops. We've done our very best to keep the transfer times as short as possible, but in order to get each shop on the schedule three times, there are some longer commutes. Just think of it as more knitting time! Also note: the travel times are estimates only, and the actual transfer time on the day is in the hands of TfL and the vagaries of London traffic.

3) The routes are subject to change without notice, and if undersubscribed, a route may be cancelled. If we do have to cancel a route, we will contact all the participants and put those individuals on another route of their choosing as long as space is available.

4) Tickets will go on sale next Tuesday, 8th July. Exact time will be announced closer to the day. Please limit purchases to two tickets per person so we can get a good mix on each route.

OK, without any further ado, we give you - The Routes (click on shop names below to read their profile):

Team Teesdale - Handweaver's Studio and Gallery, Fringe, I Knit London, Mrs. Moon*

Team Jacob - The Village Haberdashery, Handweaver's Studio and Gallery, Prick Your Finger, Knit with Attitude

Team Wensleydale - Loop, Handweaver's Studio and Gallery, Sharp Works, Stitch Up

Team Cheviot - Knit with Attitude, Prick Your Finger, Loop, Nest

Team Swaledale - Mrs. Moon*, Stitch Up, Sharp Works, I Knit London

Team Suffolk - Mrs. Moon (slightly later start)*, I Knit London, The Village Haberdashery, Nest

Team Romney** - Stitch Up, Sharp Works, Loop, Wild & Woolly

Team Shetland** - Wild & Woolly, Knit with Attitude, Fringe, The Village Haberdashery

Team Bluefaced Leicester** - Fringe, Nest, Prick Your Finger, Wild & Woolly

We will start up Team specific threads in the Ravelry group so you can chatter and get to know each other before September. When we've allocated volunteers, we will link them in to each thread so you can bombard them with questions as needed.

We hope you all are as excited about this year's GLYC as we are - we can't wait to see you all in a couple of months!

* Please note that Mrs. Moon is likely to be shifting locations over the summer. We are aware of this, and the owners have assured us that they will be ready for our visit come September, albeit in a slightly different space. They will, however, still be in the St. Margaret's area, so we don't expected the routes to change dramatically.

** Routes with one or two longer transfer times (~1 hr).