Monday, 15 September 2014

GLYC Sponsor: Kate Atherley

We're a big fan of Kate Atherley of Wise Hilda Knits fame. She's also Knitty's Lead Technical Editor, a prolific designer, and a regular teaching fixture of the Toronto and southern Ontario knitting scene.

One of Kate's latest designs: the stunning Rosetta Tharpe shawl

Kate also has a number of books that help both new and intermediate knitters move beyond their comfort zone and take their knitting to the next level. Beyond Knit and Purl breaks down the roadblocks that knitters often encounter and builds up a knitter's confidence about patterns. Her second book, Knit Accessories: Essentials and Variations is a go-to resource for knitters looking for quick and easy knits for hats scarves, cowls, socks and mittens. For more experienced knitters it's a great set of master templates that are reliable for using over and over again with alterations and customisations.

Kate's latest book, due out in January 2015, is Pattern Writing for Knit Designers. The book is for both newer knitters who are just dipping their toe into design, and for established designers looking to improve their pattern writing. The book is full of examples and clear guidelines on how to write easy-to-use patterns for all types of knitters. the book covers topics like clearly communicating sizing and measurements informations, the whys and wherefores of creating charts for special pattern instructions, tackles the issues of abbreviations and the use of standard language. Along the way there are lots of helpful dos and don'ts, tips from knitters on what they like to see in patterns, and detailed examples of how to express even the most complex pattern instructions. This book will be a terrific reference for designers of all levels.

The super cute Hofner Socks from The Rock & Roll Collection

For this year's GLYC Kate has very generously donated a whopping FIVE prizes for our after-party: a digital bundle of her existing books, a copy of her upcoming book, and three copies of her e-book, The Rock & Roll Collection which has four fun and funky patterns for every knitter's inner-punk.

Thank you Kate!