Monday, 1 September 2014

GLYC Sponsor: Soak

Joining us back again this year on the Great London Yarn Crawl is Soak - the modern laundry care for everything that is Soakworthy in your world.

The five scents of Soak: Scentless, Fig, Celebration, Lacey, and Yuzu

What is Soakworthy? It's an idea that Soak has come up with to describe all those special things that we love and are deserving of a little extra care with washing. Naturally, this would include all the hand knits that we all work so hard on, as well as other crafty things like cross stitch or embroidery pieces before they're sent to be framed or turned into pillows, the finishing of fresh handspun yarn, a handmade quilt for a new baby, or even a vintage dress,  your favourite cashmere sweater, or sexy underthings! Really, whatever you deem to be Soakworthy is completely up to you! And the no-rinse formula is extremely gentle and made from plant-derived ingredients so it's environmentally friendly.

Flatter action shot!

As if it wasn't enough that Soak was making handwashing laundry fun with their light, fresh scents and clean, modern packaging, this year in the UK they launched their latest product Flatter - which is flat out fabulous! Flatter does for ironing what Soak does for washing - it's a starch-free smoothing spray that relaxes wrinkles and freshens fabrics, leaving them soft and static-free. Flatter was invented by Soak for the quilting marker, but sewers love it too, and so do knitters! Flatter has proven to be perfect for steam blocking as well as lightly blocking lace - especially finer fibres that you might not want to block with a full on soaking. It's even great if you need to quickly iron your shirt before heading off to work!

Soak is also really excited about the start of autumn and knitting season! So much so that they're hosting a photo-a-day challenge for knitters on Instagram for the month of September. There will be a chance to win some Soak goodies, but of course if you're attending the GLYC you won't have to wait that long! Soak has generously donated a large bottle of Soak, along with a bottle of Flatter for our door prizes, and a mini Soak will be in all the goody bags.

And if you're looking for Soak on this year's Yarn Crawl, you can now find it at Knit With Attitude and Wild & Woolly! And Flatter is available from the lovely lace experts at Loop. Thank you Soak!