Friday, 12 September 2014

New GLYC Sponsor: Inspiration Knits

One of the things that we think is really awesome about our sponsors for the Great London Yarn Crawl is how they seem to be the right mix of yarnies, tools and designers. Everything you need really, to keep you inspired as we kick off the cold weather knitting season!

And speaking of inspiration... we're pleased to welcome Inspiration Knits as a sponsor to this year's GLYC.

Louise Zass-Bangham is the busy designer behind Inspiration Knits which are a range of lovely accessories, scarves, shawls, fingerless gloves and hats. Just the kind of quick project you want to be working on this time of year! Many of her patterns also call for a only a single skein of sock yarn, perfect for if you've got something in your stash - or if you pick up something special on the Yarn Crawl!

One of Louise's most popular patterns: Knit Night

Louise's designs are modern classics - simple, timeless, elegant and always well-written. They're fun to knit and look great too. And because Louise loves yarn and knitting as much as the people who knit her patterns do, she always has many suggestions for different yarn options, or even embellishing with beads. The inspiration is up to every knitter how they make the patterns truly their own!

The texture in Louise's Painted scarf is wonderful for showing off the colours in a variegated sock yarn

Thanks to Louise we've popped a little Inspiration Knits something into every goody bag: two small bags of beads, along with Louise's beading tutorial, an Inspiration Knits badge and a discount voucher for one of her patterns. There's enough beads for use on a one of Louise's designs, and if you haven't added beads to your knitting before, this is a great excuse to try something new!

One of Louise's newest designs, the Slipstream Cowl

Louise will also be joining us on this year's Yarn Crawl as one of our helpful Yarn Guides is happy to weigh in on yarn and colour selections! Thanks so much Louise!


  1. For my Refuge contribution have made Louise's Rivulet Cowl pattern in Rowan drift, lovely snuggly purple colour.

  2. That's wonderful PixieMum! We're sure it will be very well received! x

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