Thursday, 18 September 2014

Shop Offers and Tips for Getting the Most out of the Yarn Crawl

Hello Happy Yarn Crawlers!

We are at T-minus two sleeps until the big day and so we thought it would be a good idea to capture in a single blog post some tips for your day, as well as listing all the goodies that the various shops will have on offer for you.

Obviously the tips below are only recommendations but we hope that you'll follow them as you'll have a much more enjoyable day if you do!

Images from #GLYC2013

Tips & Recos For A Happy Yarn Crawl

  • Wear comfy shoes! This is a no brainer as there's some walking between tube and bus stops and the shops.
  • Stay hydrated. Pack a small bottle of water that you can sip on throughout the day.
  • Munchies. It's a good idea to have a small snack or two on you in case you get a bit peckish throughout the day. Some shops will have refreshments on offer but not all. There may also not be many cafe options or opportunities to stop beyond the lunch stop. It's also a good idea if you have any dietary restrictions that may make it difficult to find something on your route. Likewise, if you're bringing a packed lunch, don't forget that either!
  • Travel card - check. Don't forget to pack your train ticket/travelcard/Oyster card that you will need on the day. We are traveling through zones 1-4 if you need to buy a travelcard. Buses no longer accept cash but you can use a contactless payment card (like your debit or credit card).
  • Asthmatic, allergic, diabetic, or other health concerns? Please make sure you have your inhaler, epi pen, a sugary snack, or whatever specialty item you may need on the day. No need to share your details with your group, but we'd encourage you to let your Yarn Guides know about any special conditions, just so they're aware if anything happens. 
  • Stay connected. Make sure to pack your mobile or smartphone and carry a printed copy of the route details that you should have from your Yarn Guides. They should also have shared their contact details with you so you can text on the day if you're running late. Please let them have your contact details too. Also, please mind your Yarn Guides as they're keeping you to a tight schedule on the day!
  • Shopping list(s). Of course everyone has different budgets and there's no obligation to buy anything on the day, but if you're looking for something for a particular project - be it yarn, buttons, trims or fabrics - it's helpful to have a list of the items or the pattern with you.
  • Bag it. Bring a foldable shopping bag (or two!) if you're planning on making a few new stash acquisitions.
  • Wallet, piggy bank, secret roll of bills... Again, there's no pressure to buy anything on the day but however you've been saving for the Yarn Crawl, don't forget to bring your pennies! And don't forget to save some for drinks and/or a snack at the after-party at The Parcel Yard, and of course tickets for our lovely raffle!
  • Keep your hands clean. If you've got a bottle of hand sanitizer you might want to pop it in your bag. You know, after being on public transport all day.
  • Wear something handmade! Another no brainer - we're all crafters after all and "what pattern is that" is a lovely opening when meeting new knitters. And once you have your goody bags, make sure you wear your Great London Yarn Crawl 2014 badge prominently to get any offers in the shops.
  • Keep your hands busy. Don't forget your in-transit project for the day! Something small, portable, and uncomplicated is probably best (socks, scarves, hats, etc) although we've see people spindle spinning on the tube, so really, it's up to you!
  • Charity knitting for Refuge. Did you knit something for us to pass on to Refuge? Please remember to bring it with you and find us at the after-party to exchange those knits for your tickets for the grand prize!
  • Share the #GLYC2014 love. Let knitters at home yarn crawl vicariously through you! Please add us in your tweets or instagram snaps as @yarninthecity and use the hashtag #GLYC2014. Thank you!

2014 Shop Offers for GLYC Yarn Crawlers

A quick reminder that these offers are ONLY available to participants of The Great London Yarn Crawl 2014 and they must be wearing their participant badge! If you haven't got your ticket yet and would like to join us on the day there are still a few tickets left or check the ticket swaps thread on our Ravelry board.

Yarn Crawlers can see Cathy Needham's exhibit at Fringe.

Fringe Studio 108 - Will have complimentary tea, coffee and pastries throughout the day as well as little exclusive surprise items on sale especially for the day. Participants will also have the opportunity to meet and view the work of Cathy Needham as her exhibit of textile art opens at Fringe on 20th September.

Handweavers Studio & Gallery - Will have complimentary cold drinks to Yarn Crawlers and are giving away a black cotton bag with every purchase.

I Knit London - Will be offering 10% off of everything. In the afternoon they are also hosting a book launch for Betsan Corkhill and her book Knit for Health & Wellness.

Knit With Attitude - Will be offering 10% off of everything to participants.

Loop - Will be offering 10% off of everything to participants.

Mrs. Moon - Will be offering 10% off of everything to participants. (Note: this does not extend to Denham & Finney, where the shop is now located in their lovely back room).

Nest - Will have complimentary tea and coffee and will have delicious cakes for £2.50!

Prick Your Finger - Will be offering 10% off of everything to participants.

Sharp Works - Will be offering 10% off of everything to participants.

Stitch Up - Will be offering 10% off of all Malabrigo yarns to participants.. Mmmm...Malabrigo.

The Village Haberdashery - Will be offering 10% off of everything to participants..

Wild & Woolly - Will be opening early and hosting breakfast for the first team through their doors - Team Shetland - and will have cake and other treats for the rest of the teams. The True Brit Knits team will be on hand throughout the day to meet the teams and chat. The shop's Stash Depot promises some great deals and they're also happy to sign up more dealers. Finally, in addition to offering 10% off of everything to participants, they're also doing a 'sweater special' where you can get 8 skeins or balls of the same yarn for the price of 7.

Phew! We hope everyone has a wonderful day this Saturday, and we will see you at The Parcel Yarn for the after-party hosted by the lovely Pom Pom Quarterly gals! Happy Yarn Crawling!


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