Sunday, 1 February 2015

Ready for #GLYC2015?

Hello Yarn Crawlers!

We hope you're having a fabulous 2015 so far. Things have been very exciting at YITC HQ as we've been gearing up for this year. Of course, if you've been listening to our podcast you'll have an idea of what some of them are already!

First things first in case you've missed it, we have a new date for GLYC2015. Mark your calendars now as this year's Yarn Crawl will be on


This is exciting for us as it means we can really help to kick off the autumn knitting season!We've got a few crazy things planned for you this year - are you ready? Here's what's staying the same:
  • Number of shops, number of routes and group sizes
  • Our awesome charity recipient Refuge
  • Collecting knits for charity (you guys were so amazing at this last year, how could we not?!)
We're sad to say goodbye to Mrs. Moon who have gone online only, but thrilled to welcome Fabrications in Hackney to the GLYC fold. More on that in another post! Here's where things are going to be different:
  • Three shop visits instead of four (we listened to your feedback that visiting four shops requires a lot of stamina!)
  • A slightly later start - makes it easier on those of you joining us from outside London
  • NO after party in a pub - because we're doing a KICK-OFF PARTY and starting the day together instead! 
The Pop-Up Marketplace is a separate Yarn in the City event but one that we didn't want you all to miss out on with the Yarn Crawl happening, so we've come up with a way for you to do both!

ALL Yarn Crawlers will start their day together at a kick-off party in the Pop-Up Marketplace - located in central London at Chelsea Old Town Hall. You'll get exclusive access for an hour with your groups, before heading out on your routes to visit three shops. At that time, the Pop-Up Marketplace will open to the general public.

We'll also have a collection point for all your charity knits, and this way you won't have to carry them with you across London on the rest of your day.

Phew! That's probably enough info to take in for now but as always, watch this space for more details, or join us in our Ravelry group for the latest updates.


  1. Your charity knits are wonderful! We in Portland, Oregon are having our Rose City Yarn Crawl at this annual event...perhaps you would like to take a look. All the shops have their own pattern also for crochet and for knits. 5 days, March 5 - 8. Can be found on Two patterns for all to crochet and knit...we wear the Mystery Crochet and the Mystery Knit patterns on our crawl.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful idea bobbiliz! We know about the Rose City Yarn Crawl and it looks like you guys all have an amazing time! Happy knitting!

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