What is Yarn in the City: The Great London Yarn Crawl?
Yarn in the City: The Great London Yarn Crawl is a new knitting event in London that's a little bit different than your usual "stitch and bitch" get together! It's a chance to meet some other knitters/hookers/fibre-loving folk, take in some of the sights of London, and generally hang out with yarn. Yarn in the City is also an opportunity to visit different yarn and haberdashery shops around the city, including some that you maybe haven't had a chance to get to yet.

The event is all about supporting the London knitting community, the experience of meeting new people and doing something a little bit different than the usual knit and natter! And because we think supporting the greater community is important too, all of the net proceeds from the event will be donated to Refuge.

How does the Great London Yarn Crawl work?
Participants will choose a team with a pre-designated route. As a group and with the navigational prowess of their Yarn Guides, participants will visit three to four yarn and/or haberdashery shops on their route, including a stop for lunch, before meeting up with participants at the end of the day for an after-party. We'll compare purchases, swap stories, settle in for a little knitting and meet other participants from the day. And of course, all this will be done while travelling via bus or tube or DLR - basically via public transport.

Who came up with this crazy idea anyway?
The idea for the Great London Yarn Crawl was born after two expats and knitting friends spent weeks and weeks touring various yarn shops. Rachel joked that their exploits were like a yarn crawl on the tube and Allison told her all about the TTC Knit-a-long (a similar event that happens in the yarn store mecca that is Toronto, also using public transport provided by the Toronto Transit Commission). The gals decided then and there that it was the perfect kind of event to bring to yarn lovers in London.

You can find out more about Rachel and Allison on The GLYC Team page.

Is the Great London Yarn Crawl affiliated with Transport for London?
Quite simply, it's not affiliated. We think public transport is a great idea, not only for the environment but also as a quick and cost-effective way to get across the city, and the TfL network is among the best in the world. This is a yarn crawl that takes place across London, and it happens on public transport. That's it.

When is the Great London Yarn Crawl taking place?
Save the date on your calendars! Yarn in the City will take place on Saturday, 20 September, 2014.

What are the important dates to know around Yarn in the City?
Date routes will be announced: approximately July 1
Date open for registration: approximately July 8
Date when confirmations sent: Mid-July and over the summer

How much does a ticket to the event cost? What do I get for that?
Tickets are priced at £15 per person and include your GLYC badge (to show you're part of the event, get discounts at some of the shops, and access to our after-party with great door prizes), and a goody bag with your event pack details, special offers from sponsors, and various other yarny goodies!

What do you mean by net proceeds?
Net proceeds simply means that all of the monies raised from the event after our expenses have been paid. Expenses of the event include everything from the printing cost of promotional materials, to the fees associated with the event ticketing service (which we've rolled into the cost of the event so that you don't have to pay additional fees when buying your ticket). We'd also like to note that co-organisers Allison and Rachel have donated their time, as have our volunteers. No one is making any money from this event.

Why did you choose to support Refuge?
While Refuge began as a local London charity, it is now the UK's single largest provider of specialist domestic violence services. We liked the fact that it was local to London, yet far-reaching across the UK, and choosing a charity that supports women and children was important to us. We hope you'll agree!

To learn more about Refuge, check out the blog post we wrote announcing them as our charity partner. You can also learn more about them from their website at www.refuge.org.uk.

Why are you guys doing this?
Since the awesomeness of Knit Nation was here in 2011, there hasn't really been a knitting event that's more outside the box than the usual shows or even one's own SnB evenings. We daren't dream to have this event the size of Knit Nation, but we thought it would be a fun way to get some knitters together for a day out of knitting. And we're going to give back to the greater community by donating all net proceeds from the event to Refuge too!

Am I obligated to buy anything?
Nope. Just come along for the tour and chat and knitting (or crochet!) if that's all that interests you!

How much money should I budget for the day?
Everyone's budget is a personal matter, so we'd rather not make a suggestion about what people should plan on spending. You will be responsible for your lunch and/or any snacks and beverages you'd like to have at the after party. And of course, how much you spend on yarn in the shops is entirely up to you!

Sounds like fun! Where do I sign up?
Watch for updates on the GLYC website. We'll announce the routes in June, so check back for further information as we get into the summer!

What if I have mobility issues?
We want Yarn in the City to be as inclusive to as many people as possible, however we'd be remiss if we didn't point out that public transport in London is not completely 100% accessible for those with mobility issues. For that matter, neither are all of the shops on the various routes, or our after-party venue.

If you use a mobility device such as a walker or cane and require additional assistance, we recommend you sign up with a friend who will be able to help you throughout the day as our Yarn Guides will be busy looking after the whole group. Just make sure you both sign up for the same group!

Can I "hop on/hop off" with the Great London Yarn Crawl like those Big Bus tours?
In for a penny, in for a pound! Once your route has been assigned, that's the route you're on. Since there are likely to be a few people in each group, your Yarn Guides will want to make sure that they have track of everyone and that no knitter gets left behind! If however, you finish your browsing/shopping early at a particular shop and want to grab a cup of tea with your knitting in a cafe nearby while waiting for the others, that's okay - just make sure your Guides know where you are so you can meet up with the others when the group moves to the next stop on the route.

Where are we stopping for lunch?
There will be a predetermined lunch stop along each route with plenty of time and options for participants to pick something up to eat. We are also planning lunch stops in places that aren't tied to a particular restaurant, so that if people want to bring their lunch or snacks with them, they can.

Is lunch included?
No, lunch is not included.

Oh no! I've signed up and now I can't make it! What do I do?
Oh no! We're going to miss you! Unfortunately all sales are final and we can't offer any refunds but we're happy to change the name on your registration if you're able to find someone to sell your ticket to. Check our Ravelry group to see if there's anyone looking for an extra ticket.